HRO customizes its investment criteria and acquisition process to best fit the needs of each specific client.

HRO has significant experience through all market cycles. Through this, the firm has developed a long-term perspective that is not unduly influenced by short-term market conditions. Our team’s skill set encompasses a broad spectrum of property types and investment strategies ranging from lower risk/return core investments (i.e. prime properties in good locations with limited market risk) to higher risk/return opportunistic or value-add investments, which involve varying levels of leasing renovation or development. Our multi-disciplinary acquisition team evaluates opportunities and structures transactions with thorough consideration of design, engineering, leasing and financial risks and advantages.

The due diligence process involves in-house members with various areas of expertise such as engineering, asset management and accounting, as well as third-party consultants. The acquisition team has extensive experience in structuring transactions, conducting due diligence and successfully negotiating contracts to meet the needs of our clients.